Friday, February 19, 2010

Cyber Safety...

1.Teens face many risks on the internet such as Predation, Harassment and even Social networking. 2The "Net Effect" effects online behavior by giving them Inhibitions break downs. It effects online behavior because of the time people spend on the computer and what kind of website people go on to. 3.Social media occurs everyday for teens and it becomes part of their lives in the process of developing and learning behavior. Parents should pay attention to these things and help stop it before it becomes a problem. 4.Forthe young people who is not in high risks of self destructive behaviors. Digital Citizenship allows the people to feel united as a community and influences them to behave like citizens. 5.This article is telling the teens to be careful of the way that we use the internet. It help s to under stand the dangers of the way we use the computers.

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