Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Social Networking

-Dan found that someone posted nasty remarks about him on a Social Networking Website.  He know the person who posted the remarks.  What do you think he should do?

-Well as you can see today I copied the question here usually I would just answer it with my opinion,but I know today in certain cases my opinion will be the wrong answer. The reason I say so is because if anyone put some nasty stuff on the internet about me there will be problems and the fact that you know the person would just be really foul. Even though i know it can't change the fact that its there maybe next time they'll think twice. I think Dan should approach the person who did it and not on some rude stuff but if the person talking out there asz then if he want he can fight. The best thing to do might be to take it to court or something. Not sure but this topic is open for discussions.

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